Whıte Fıllıngs

If you are unfortunate to have a mouth full of silver or if you have cavities or broken teeth then it is possible to remove the existing fillings and replace them with composite white fillings for a better  smile & appearance

Most people experience a cavity in their lives which calls for the decay to be removed, cleaned & the area filled in order to prevent further decay & strengthen the affected tooth. Once this has been done the dentist will need to place a filling where the decay used to be, a filling is the most conservative way of restoring a tooth.

Previously, cavities have been filled with amalgon which it has been found can be poisonous to the body, now composite resin fillings have replaced amalgam as an alternative to the traditional metal fillings. Composite fillings are made of a plastic dental resin combined with porcelain and glass particle that are artistically moulded as dental fillings for cavities in the teeth.

Composite fillings are very popular because of the natural tooth-colored appearance which can be matched to the shade of your existing teeth & will therefore be completely unnoticeable in your mouth. Less tooth structure is removed when the affected tooth is prepared & often a smaller than usual filling may be used, composite fillings also strengthen the teeth & help protect them from further decay.

Fillings help restore teeth damaged by decay back to their normal function and they can also prevent further decay. They can also be used to restore small gaps in teeth, to reshape individual or multiple teeth & in smile makeovers to change the colour or shape of the teeth for a more aesthetic smile

White Fillings – The Positives

  • Composite fillings contains only acrylic resin & glass particles, no mercury.
  • The tooth filling material matches your tooth colour for a natural finish
  • This type of filling is already hard when you leave the dental practice.
  • Less tooth structure is lost because the dentist can make a smaller preparation

Composite is best used in small cavities. When it is used to fill back teeth in place of the more common silver amalgam fillings, it is less durable. When more than one-half of the tooth is missing, when some or all of the biting edge of a front tooth is missing, or when one of the cusps (points) of a back tooth is missing, a crown (cap) should be considered instead of composite. Crowns are stronger and will withstand greater chewing forces than composite.

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