Bring back your natural smile and your self-confidence with dental implants which are functional, healthy & aesthetic. Implants are an ideal alternative to bridges or to replace teeth for patients who have no teeth &those who use or who are destined to use a conventional denture. İf one or a number of teeth are missing dental implants can be used to replace them without compromising the quality of neighbouring teeth as in the case of other treatments such as bridges.

A Dental implant is an artificial root, or titanium fitting, that is surgically secured to the jawbone to which an artificial tooth is attached, This is matched to the exact colour of your own natural teeth & feels just like your own teeth. The light and durable metal implant acts as an anchor for one tooth, a full set of missing teeth, certain types of bridges and removable, partial dentures.  An implant  is a secure, permenent, healthier & a long-term smile solution  for people of all ages who have lost teeth due to injury, periodontal disease or other causes.

For more than 10 years we have been performing both simple & complicated implant operations, many of them involve sinus lifting & bone graft implant procedures at our clinic on a daily basis. Most patients travelling abroad for treatment do so because of the high costs so, it is not unusual that these patients have numerous & complicated problems.  Our team is exceptionally qualified & experienced to deal with all of these exceptional cases and infact we look forward most to helping those with serious problems.

Often , those who  have been told or who thought there was no solution for their dental situation have found a reason to smile at Denart.


We only use high quality FDA approved, A-Grade Dental Implants which are 100% titanium & come  with a lifetime guarantee & personalised certificate. We use a number of Implant Brands manufactured in Switzerland, Germany, Korea & the USA. The most popular brands we use are: Nobel, Oostem, Camlog, Bio Horizon & Straumann. The type of implant we use depends on your situation & more importantly your bone height & density.


We use the most upto date & best technology from the start to finish of your implant procedure,, we not only take a Panoramic X-Ray but we also take a Tomography (3D CD Scan) which enables us to measure the density of your bone, plus a full consultation in order that we can plan your Implants with the greatest precision. We can also place Implants with the latest Guided İmplant Technique which is is a less invasive procedure resulting in less swelling, no stiches and a quicker healing time.


Compared to the price of implants in Scandinavia, the UK, Germany & other European countries you can often save between 70-100% of the cost with no compromise in quality. Bear in mind that there are also no extras or hidden costs for the abutments, stitches & their removal or the anaesthetic. You will pay only for the treatmen that is performed, the Implants +Abutments on your first visit and your Implant Crowns on your second visit.


Any number of dental implants can usually be completed during a 3 day visit & our aim is that every patient will leave with teeth in place. You dont have to wait days or weeks for an appointment here, we can arrange this for your the day of your arrival so we can plan the treatment during your stay. Our aim is to give you healthy & functional teeth plus a great smile as soon as possible.

İf your own dentist  has advised that you need Dental Implants it is presumable that  he has a copy of your dental panoramic & 3D Cat scan X-Ray. If you paid for your consultation or your X-Ray you are legally entitled to a copy of it. If you are able to obtain a copy of your X-Ray and send it to us via email / Messenger / whattsapp we can provide you with a confirmed treatment plan and a price quote even before you arrive  in Turkey. Our open pricing means that once we have quoted a pricefor your treatment  it will never increase, if you add some extra procedures during your visit we will give you a price for these and you can decided if you would like to go ahead with them.

Whether you need one Implant or a full reconstruction alongside other surgical procedures please contact us today and we will respond within 24hrs with the information you need about your situation plus a quotation for your Dental Implants & ay other treatments you require.

Please forward your x-ray  to the following email address: turkeydentalcentre@gmail.com or to the following number using Whatsapp or Viber telephone applications: 0090 530 409 7818 and we will provide you with useful information about your treatment along with accurate treatment costs for your Dental Implants.

There is no need to look any further, we are here to help youJ)

The information contained in the site is to inform only & in no way does it  replace a consultation or a medical diagnosis by a qualified doctor.