Virtuallypain-free dentistry is now a reality at Denart with gentlel asers, now there is no need to avoid visiting the dentist anymore.  Laser dentistry is changing theworld,it provides pin-point accuracy eliminating the need for drilling & anaesthesia in the majority of cases to remove decay gently in preparation for permanent restorations such as crowns & fillings.

We are one of the first dentists in the area to start using lasers for routine dentistry to offer our patients the following;

No pain, No shot,  No anaesthetic, No Stress dental treatments

Laser Dentistry can be used for a number of dental procedures including:

  • The removal of decay
  • Cavity preparation
  • Root canal therapy
  • Cosmetic procedures
  • Gum or other soft-tissue procedures

Without doubt, the greatest benefit of laser dentistry is the increased level of comfort our patients experience during treatment. Laser dentistry is able to reduce the requirement of pain medication post-dental procedure and minimises swelling and inflammation to surrounding surfaces.

Complimented by our computerised injection system for local anaesthetic, we can offer you virtually pain-free treatment. Laser treatment has thebenefit of dramatically decreasing the time required sitting in the chair for treatments such as fillings and the removal of toothdecay.

The use of lasers for dental treatment is completely safe andhighlyeffective; it really is thefuture of dentaltreatments. So stop avoidingyournextvisitanddiscovertheadvantages of laserdentistrytoday.

Advantages of dental laser treatment include:

  • Increased comfort during treatment
  • Less need for anaesthetic injections
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Short and comfortable healing process

We want all of our patients to have as comfortable & pain free treatment as possible and this is why we have invested in the latest technology, we want to give everyone a reason to smile…

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