Computered navigated tooth implantation is now possible without any cuting & stitching! Placing dental implants without surgery is now possible thanks to advanced technology that allows placing dental implants without incisions or bulky surgeries with a long recovery period. This type of implantation offers advantages to those travelling to us from abroad as a second trip to complete the implants is not necessary.
The implants made without surgery allows our surgeons to perform virtual surgery computer before touching the patient’s mouth, allowing then to simplify the surgery and place the dental implants successfully. The gums do not need to be cut and no sutures are inserted therefore the patient recovery time, pain, discomfort are all less.
Among the many benefits of dental implant without surgery include; :
1.  Accurate, safe, and predictable surgery
2. Safe and predictable treatment.
3. Reduced treatment time.
4. Less discomfort after the operation.
5. Shorter healing time with flapless surgery
6. No cutting or stitches are required resulting in a friendly procedure for the patient.
İf you are considering Implant treatment will need to do a thorough examination of the state of the bone in your jaw as part of this Consultation.The health as well as the shape and dimensions (thickness and width) of the jawbone need to be assessed and vital structures – inferior alveolar nerve / sinus – need to be identified. From the results of this examination we will be able to determine your suitability for Implants.

If there is not sufficient bone, or there are health problems, it may not be possible to place Implants using the more traditional implant method and additional procedures may include a bone graft & sinus lift both of which we can perfrom at our clinic.

Dental Implants are now a well-established, tried-and-tested treatment and will greatly improve your quality of life, appearance and also the safe, solid feeling of natural teeth which allow you to eat whatever you want without pain or problems.

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