Here, all of our dental treatments are carried out by experienced and highly qualified dentists using state of the art facilities, the highest quality materials & the very latest proven internationally adopted techniques in general & cosmetic dentistry.

The dentists working at the clinic have gained both general & cosmetic  dental qualifications that are accepted as equivalent or even higher to their foreign trained counterparts. Their advice and recommendations will be given to you but the final decision about your treatment is yours.

At your initial visit to our dental clinic after meeting the dental doctor we will need to do a thorough oral examination combined with an assessment of you general health and medical history. For all of our foreign patient patients we will arrange for an assistant to be available to help you. The oral examination is vital & allows to create our detailed pre-treatment records and identify any underlying dental health problems if present.

At your first dental consultation you will be shown around the clinic and introduced to all the staff members who have all worked at the clinic for a number of years. Everyone you meet will be at the clinic during your treatment period and you can be reassured that you will be seing the same staff everytime you visit the clinic. Your visit will also include the following;

  1. Completion of froms in which you will be asked to declare health / fitness
  2. An oral examination which will provide the basis for your recommendations, personal treatment plan, needs, & costs
  3. İntra-oral / Panoramic X-ray
  4. Gum health measurements
  5. Teeth moulds for treatment

Please use the time at your consultation to ask all questions and queries regarding the dental treatment proposal and be sure that you understand the answers, treatment procedures and plan that the dentist tells you about. Never hesiate to ask us any questions however big or small they may be.

We are here to help everyone smile again….


Most people do not look forward to a dental or doctors appointment but for many this thought can be terrifying, So much so that they will do anything to avoid an appointment. Dental anxiety and phobia are extremely common and some anxiety is normal. Dental phobia is a more serious condition characterised by having intense fear or dread. The people who suffer with phobia are terrified or panic stricken meaning they dont go to the dentist for many years. Rather than making an appointment these people will often suffer with gum infections (periodental disease) pain or even broken, unsightly teeth & bad breath.

People with dental phobia have a higher risk of gum disease & premature tooth loss. As well as the physical consequences of avoiding the dentist there may be emotional costs as well. Discoloured or damaged teeth can make people self conscious and insecure. They may open their mouths to talk and smile less, their personal & professional life may suffer resulting in a serious loss of confidence and self esteem.

There are many reasons that some people develop dental anxieties and phobias some of which you may be able to identify with:

  • Pain and the fear of pain are the main reasons people dont see a dentist.
  • Previous negative experience – you may have had a bad experience. Often this may have occurred as a child or through a painful experience, conflict with the dentist or phobia of needles or an unexpected experience.
  • You may have a fear of instruments in your mouth which will cause anxious feelings and cause a difficulty in breathing.
  • Previous uncaring, unsympathetic dentists that have put you off, either the thought of the pain that he will inflict or the insensitive, uncaring remarks that he may make.
  • You are embarrassed about your oral health and the coordination of your teeth and gums having not visited the dentist for a number of years you may think its too late for any repair to be done and you are embarrassed at what the dentist may think.
  • No knowledge of new technology and techniques that make you think your teeth are beyond repair.
  • If you haven’t seen a dentist for a while it may just be a fear of the unknown.We and our dentist understand that for many fears exist and will try to overcome your anxiety.

We acknowledge and understand that a fear exists. There are sevaral ways in which we and the dentist will try to overcome your anxiety and these include:

1.The dentists  speak a collection of languages between them ( Patient carers are also always on hand,) they are great listeners & most importantly are not in a rush to see their next patient. They have time for you!

2.They will ask you what your problem is, listen & then offer  recommendations that may include general dentistry & cosmetic dentistry work.

3.The dentists recommendations may often include long term repair techniques that mean you do not have to come back for many years.

4.Full explanations of problems, repair work options and techniques will be given in easy to understand language with an opportunity to ask questions which will relieve your fear of the unknown

5.The clinic staff – caring and relaxed, happy and friendly you will wonder if you have come to the right place, the dentist??

6.The modern, clean surgery that has no dentists smells – unlike many surgeries it resembles a modern lounge which immediately disarms you and puts you at ease you will find it relaxing and comfortable with many distractions, a TV room, kids play room and garden to sit and enjoy during waiting times.

7.A no waiting policy – instant treatment round the clock means no stressfull & intense waiting time. If necessary the dentist will work through the night to complete your treatment. We are used to patients arriving at all times of the day & night & make a personalised treatment plan around this & the length of stay.

8.The dentist has seen a lot worse teeth than your own. In Turkey it was normal for many people to go a lifetime without a visit to a dentist until they had pain.

The information contained in the site is to inform only & in no way does it  replace a consultation or a medical diagnosis by a qualified doctor.