Dr. Fatma Gungor

Ms.C. Dt Fatma GUNGOR (26.04.1986)

Fatma Güngor is skilled in dental aesthetic surgery,  dental implants, cosmetic fillings & smile makeovers. Patients appreciate her disciplined, knowledgeable & sympathetic manner

Languages: English, Turkish,

May 2008   Graduated as Qualified Dentist from Ankara University Dental Faculty   

Certificates & Achievements


Nov 2018   Nobel Biocare İmplant conference & education certificate, Turkey.

Sep 2018   TOMER Ankara University, YADİS English exam succesfully completed (B2)

May 2018  American Kültür Oral English exam succesfully completed

Jul  2018    Approved Licence holder for Turkey Atom Energy Volumetric Teeth Tomography.

Oct 2017    İnternational Medical College (İMC) Joint Degree Master programme, Master of Science (M. Sc) in Aesthetic Dentistry Certificate Programme Completed in cooperation with the University of Saarland & the Technical University of Dresden, Germany.

Apr 2017    Turkish Dental Assoc. Upper & Lower Jaw İmplants  & Dentures on İmplants Conf

Apr 2017    Galip Gürel ‘Aesthetic Excellence’ Advancement of Art & Science in Aesthetic Dentistry  ‘Hands on Course’

Oct 2016    Dentsem Botox & Dermal Fillers Edu. Cert.

May 2015  Turkish Dental Assoc. İnternational Dental Congress

Apr 2015    İvoclar Vivadent Aesthetic Composite Filling Seminar

Apr 2015    Dentsem Dental Radiology Education Cert.

Mar 2015   Dentsem İmplant treatment, Periodental & Gum Edu. Cert.

Nov 2014   Turkish Dental Assoc. Dental Symposium Cert.

Dec 2013   Porselen Laminate Veneer  Education & Seminar Cert

Apr 2012    Lykia Dent, Cert. of Completion for Advanced level İmplantology Seminar

Jan 2012    Lykia Dent Cert. of Completion for Basic İmplantology Seminar

Aug 2008   Practitioner Permission Certificate, Ankara University,Dental Faculty.