By travelling to Turkey for dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry it is possible to save yourself up to 70% on European prices. If you haven’t been to Turkey before then maybe you are asking yourself how you are able to save yourself so much – is there a compromise in quality of treatments or materials? No!
Due to the world renowned expertise offered by its dentists we want to reassure you that Turkey offers EU standards of care the levels of which often surpass that of its many European neighbours. The modern, clean, clinics themselves are these days state of the art developments with facilities that exceed those of a European dentists surgery with treatment rooms that include the most modern up to date equipment where the most complex of dentistry procedures are carried out using the highest quality materials. Lounges and gardens for waiting are comfortable with TV, tea and coffee served, childrens play areas, play station and DVD available. 
Significant savings can be made on cosmetic dentistry and other dental treatments because employees wages, rents, materials & overall costs are much lower in Turkey than in the UK – compare the savings, they can be as much as 70% for the same treatment in many other European countries.


Dentistry comes under the Ministry of Health which is responsible for regulating dental colleges and the legal framework within which Turkish dentistry operates. The Turkish Dental Association (TDA) is the central body responsible for coordinating and regulating dental colleges and the professional development of dentistry within Turkey and for the development and updating the skills of its members across the country. This is done between the 33 local dental chambers throughout the country who then send delegates to a centralised committee who decide the national direction of the profession. All dentists must be a member of the Turkish Dental Association ( TDA) 


 in order to practice dentistry in Turkey & if  a dentist wishes to perform cosmetic dentistry then he / she must be a member of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.


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The Turkish Deantal Association which is a member of international dental organisations with its ethical standards informed by and contribute to European and world dentistry provides an ethical guide for all members which covers topics such as commtment to standards, their improvement, prices and patient – doctor relationships. 

Dental education consists of 5 years training in one of Turkeys 15 dental schools after which the graduate receives a degree of D.D.S. Dentists can then pursue specialisation in 2 recognised specialities in Turkey – prosthodontics or orthodonty. Members of the TDA have an obligation to develop and update their skills in accordance with the associations committment to high standards of dental care.  


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